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Using the Database

You can read in data from a database or from file. The latter is only supported in the stand-alone version. To read data from a database, select the data using the select box  which is between the OUTPUT and the OPEN buttons. After selection, the data will be loaded from the internet, which may take a while. Loading data from the database has the same effect as  typing in data by hand (or using cut and paste actions) and clicking on "<<" afterwards.

Editing data from the database

You can edit the data from the database in the same way as described before:
  1. Using the text area. Change parameters values, use other parameters etc by editing the text in the program's text area. Click on "<<" afterwards.
  2. Using  the input/output dialog as described before.
After editing the data, everything goes as before. Use the PLOT, OVERPLOT, and NEW WINDOW buttons to perform the Mie calculation and plot the data.
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