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Many well-documented examples are provided in the database. Simply try out and have fun. Or you may wish to make a quick tour introducing you to the main features of the program.


  1. If a calculation takes too long or if there is a "traffic jam" in the internet so that date from the database are being loaded very slowly, click on CANCEL to interrupt the current action.
  2. If the set of input parameters is inconsistent, the program issues are warning like "Parameter xxx is multiply defined". Check the set of input parameters and remove ambiguities.
  3. If the set of input parameters is not complete, and a certain output parameter xxx cannot be computed, then the program complains: "Parameter xxx not defined". Carefully check your input parameters for missing parameters.
    1. has the refractive index of the surrounding medium refmed been specified ?
    2. has the imaginary part of the particle's refractive index been specified ?
    3. for angular scattering you need to specify a scattering angle. Did you specify theta?
    4. ....
  4. Finally, if you can't find the error: close the program's main window and restart it clicking on the button  on the web page.